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Notice about the company's new official website


Dear customer:

The new website of Ouming Fluid company has been officially launched on February 1, 2019! Thank you for your continued support!

This revision aims to further promote the external publicity and communication of the website and provide better service to customers. At the same time, it also shows customers the new face of the development of the Ouming.

Compared with the old version of the website, this time adopts a new page style, and the whole structure is more clear. But it can not be adoptable to every customer so if this revision has troubles for you, please leave us message in public code, we will accept it with humility, adjust it in time, and strive to make the website better.

Ouming will be more brilliant by your support, we will continue to focus on the customer service, and constantly improve the user experience and service, thank you for your support and trust! If you have any questions, please contact the online customer service or call the customer service hotline: 0577-56558388




Zhejiang Ouming Fluid Casting Co., Ltd.

November 1, 2018

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