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 Guarantee terms of Ouming Valve
1-After customer bought any valves from Ouming, normally will have 18 months guarantee time start from shipping date in B/L.
2-Or customer can choose other guarantee time as 12 months start from valve be installed in pipeline. Valves should be installed within 90days from shipping date.

  Training and maintenance in project plant
1-All valves from Ouming shipping to customer will enclose 《Installation, Operating & Maintenance Manual》together, if customer still need a professional training in plant, Ouming will send technical person to there but charges paid by customer.
2-Or customer can send people to study how to installation, operating, and maintenance in Ouming Company, all training charges free.

  Repairing & replacement in project plant
1-If valves in pipeline break down cause of Ouming quality problem, Customer can return rejected valves back to Ouming, then get a new valve replace send to project.
2- If valves in pipeline break down cause of Ouming quality problem, Customer need a technical man repairing onsite, Ouming will send people to and charges all paid by ourselves.



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