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Valves wide range of uses, a wide range of valve classification difficulties are also increasing, in order to better understand the valve products, multi-instrument company special common valve classification, the type of valve is based on the actual conditions of the scene classification, and part Manufacturers choose their own special circumstances and the use of different purposes and the role of the principle is different. The total can be divided into two categories:

The first type of automatic valve: rely on the media (liquid, gas) their own ability to operate the valve. Such as check valve, safety valve, regulating valve, steam trap, pressure reducing valve.
The second type of drive valve: With manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic to manipulate the action of the valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, throttle, plug valves.

At present, the most commonly used international and domestic valve classification methods are the following:

First, according to structural features, according to the closure of the valve seat relative to the direction of movement can be divided:
    1. Sectional shape: The closure moves along the center of the seat.
    2. Gates: Closure moves along the vertical seat center.
    3. Tap and Sphere: The closure is a plunger or ball that rotates around its centerline.
    4. Turn-on; the closing piece rotates around the shaft outside the seat.
    5. Dish: Closure of the disc, rotating around the inside of the valve seat.
    6. Slide valve: Closure slide in a direction perpendicular to the passage.

Second, according to the driving method, according to different driving methods can be divided into:
    1. Electric: driven by a motor or other electrical device.
    2. Powered by: (water, oil) to drive.
    3. Pneumatic; with compressed air to drive the valve open and close.
    4. Manual: With the handwheel, handle, lever or sprocket, a manpower-driven, transmission torque, equipped with worm gear, gear and other deceleration devices.

Third, according to use, according to the different uses of the valve can be divided into:
    1. Broken with: used to connect or cut off the pipeline medium, such as globe valve, gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve.
    2. Non-return: used to prevent media backflow, such as check valve.
    3. Adjustment: used to regulate the medium pressure and flow, such as regulating valve, pressure reducing valve.
    4. Distribution: used to change the media flow, distribution of media, such as three-way cock, distribution valve, slide valve.
    5. Safety valve: When the medium pressure exceeds the specified value, it is used to discharge excess medium to ensure the safety of piping system and equipment, such as safety valve and accident valve.
    6. Other special purposes: such as steam traps, vent valves, sewage valves.

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