Quality Control
Quality control
products inspection testing. Our product design and final assembly adopt the highest industry standards to ensure quality, performance and efficiency, every product has undergone strict quality inspection and testing.
Chemical Test
Fire safe test
Impact test
Low Temp test
Material Destructive test
PMI test
Roughness test
Utrosonic test
1.Pressure & functional testing

The following tests can be performed according to API 6D,API 6DSS,API598,EN12266-1 or to customer specific requirements:

1.Hydrostatic testing

2.Low pressure gas seat testing

3.High pressure gas testing

4.Cryogenic gas testing(-196 Degrees Celsius /-320.8 Degrees Fahrenheit)

5.High temperature testing(660 Degrees Celsius/1220 Degrees Fahrenheit)

6.Fugitive emission gas testing

7.Antistatic testing

8.Torque testing

9.Cavity relief testing

10.Double Block&Bleed (DBB) testing

11.Doublle Isolation & Bleed (DIB-1&2) testing

12.Hyperbaric qualification testing

2.Non-Destructive Testing(NDT)

The following tests can be performed by II Lever qualified personnel in accordance with EN473-ISO9712/SNT-TC-1A:

1.VT(Visual testing)

2.UT(Ultrasonic testing)

3.PT(Penetrant testing)

4.MT(Magnetic particle testing)

5.PMI(Positive Material Identification)

6.Hardness test

7.Ferrite test

3.Material Destructive Testing

The following tests can be performed according to Customer’s and project specification requirements:

1.Mechanical and Impact test down to -196 Degrees Celsius

2.Chemical analysis check

3.Micro examinations

4.Ferrite check

5.Hydrogen-Inducted Cracking test (HIC)

6.Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking(SSCC)